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The valley of the Belice River, which was once a fertile area for orange orchards and vineyards, on the fateful night of January 14-15, 1968, turned into a place of memory for those who did not have time to escape from the terrible earthquake. 


A covered with a cement shroud land is the once-damaged city of Gibellina. The memory of an earthquake, that took lives of hundreds of people, is immortalized in a whitewashed, cracking like a terracotta vessel labyrinth-monument by Sicilian artist Alberto Burri.

Being very impressed by what he saw, Georgy chose this place for the cover of his debut album “CELLO DRIVE”, as well as the debut musical film “Folia Orthodox”. Nothing can be compared with the power of nature, with its two opposites in a delicate balance: the power of creation and destruction.

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